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Artist Adrian Ssegura's "EL TORO, EL HOMBRE Y LA PLAZA" series speaks about the spanish connection between the bull (El Toro) and the man (El Hombre) and how both of them fight in the ring (La Plaza) for their life. Strength and power that surround this intimate relationship is appreciated in this collection of paintings.

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"Tell Me"

Artist Erin Parish (b. November 6, 1966) spent high school in downtown Detroit in a 5000 sq. ft. artists’ loft with her dad, a professor of painting at Wayne State University, and her step-mom, an art teacher in the public school system.  Both painters, they gave Erin her first studio at age 12.

Parish went to Bennington College, majoring in art, and then on to graduate school at Queens College, all while working in the art world of New York — at galleries, museums and as an artists’ assistant in between semesters.

After many years as a professed dyed-in-the-wool figurative painter she began to paint abstractly in her late 20’s. Her earlier influences include the German Expressionists and the Neue Wilden/Neo-Expressionists.

She actively stays away from popular culture as an influence, drawn instead to the concepts of Buddhism and Wabi Sabi. Parish focuses primarily on circles as universal and planetary symbols, as they occur in nature on the scale of the microscopic and beyond.

She has had over 20 solo shows to date and been reviewed in the New York Times, Art in America, and Art News, with works held in a number of public collections.


"Abstract Monographs"

In keeping with my personal explorations into form and space I have added a new element to the previous series known as Index of Refraction: My new study is largely based on autonomous landscapes in inner space. By zeroing in on a particular aspect of the landscape, the focus is now on cultivating an ornament for the autonomous landscapes. The impetus for this came after I was drawn in and inspired by a simple poem, the ode to the grace and beauty of an intricate flower. With further inspection I discovered an interesting relationship between landscapes and the certain particulars that make up the landscapes. They are both natural and artificial; by this I mean we are surrounded by untouched nature as well as cultivated, and "touched" by nature meaning modified, groomed and artificially evolved. (i.e. Forest meeting city, Beach meeting Boardwalk) Hence we witness the birth of perpetual evolution and development. Now there are thousands of inspired correlations to compare and relate to, but I have been drawn to a flower called the camellia not exclusively because of its beauty, but because of its evolution and propagation.The first documentation came about 1690, this, the beginning of its recorded graceful evolution and development. This series, called "Abstract Monographs," loosely models the process in which the camellia was graphed into the new flowers from the principal varieties. In keeping with my own evolution this series gives me a chance to create a new Hybrid species to accent the previous artificial landscapes based on nature as well, ultimately satisfying not only evolution but the genesis of expression by appropriate means. - Artist Ron Reihel

'Light' (光芒)

Tamen (他们) is an artist collective composed of two young artists, Lai Shengyu (赖圣予) and Yang Xiaogang (杨晓钢), who were born in Hunan Province in 1978 and 1979, respectively. The group is alternatively referred to as “Ta Men” and “They”, which is the English translation of their name. As a collective, they reject notions of self and individuality in art by co-painting each work and collaborating in a manner that draws attention away from the individual.

Tamen’s work focuses on the psychological effects of China’s new affluence and its contemporary state of being. Through works of oil on canvas or digital photography, scenes of big-city China or serene nature are flush with symbols to visually emphasize the tension and collisions that Tamen sees as the constant revolution in China’s society. Adopting both montage and Pop Art forms, Tamen plays with the spatial relationships between landscapes, architecture, objects and figures to highlight the curious simultaneity of China’s past and present.

Reality is juxtaposed with illusion and tranquility with anxiety. Adding a healthy dose of ridicule and incredulity to the mix, Tamen criticizes the human appetence hiding behind images and falsehood and the sheen of modern affluence. By holding a mirror to the objects and symbols to which contemporary society has attached itself to, Tamen uses its novel visual language of surrealism and critical realism to offer a philosophical analysis of man’s inner feelings in this new world – those of bitterness, solitude, and distance.

"Birth of Venus"

Artist James Rawson (b. January 2nd, 1989) resides in Norfolk, England and is a postmodern pop artist.  Predominantly working in the medium of collage and painting, Rawson found no inspiration in the beautiful Norfolk landscape he grew up in; instead, the landscape of pop culture fed his artistic drive.

James’ work blurs the boundaries between collage and painting, using preparatory paper collages as reference for his larger paintings. He aims to reflect the multi-layered visual experience we all live in. Appropriating the very images that have become implicit in our society, James’ work disturbs our sense of reality and confuses our perception of popular culture.

James’ work addresses some of the most important issues of the last 50 years; over consumption, greed, inequality and life as a spectacle. James’ work screams at you — there is no room for prevarication. It deals with the ubiquity of advertising, sex selling everything, fast food and TV as the drug of a nation. So perhaps you don’t like what you see, the bawdy reality, the cheap thrill, the constant accumulation of sweet things, processed and plastic things to unnatural things: but it doesn’t take away from the fact — it’s the truth.


"World Trade Center"

The day when our sense of security, trust and innocence was forever changed was September 11, 2001. For that was the day when men, women and children from over eighty nationalities were felled as indiscriminate victims of intolerance, madness and violence...

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My interest in painting lies on its capacity to deal in a very direct manner with the ideas of indefinite, undetermined, potential, absence, the diverse, the polysemy and the polyvalence. The sense of loss, distance and a certain element of restlessness characterize my work; images apparently in suspense or unintelligible that are capable to make us reflect on what we are contemplating. My work presents situations in which it seems that we know the effects but not the causes. It is unclear what happens or where we can find the clues. In this context, the unspoken notion, acquires a critical role. The appearance of anachronism and the feeling of déjà vu is a constant.

My praxis questions the contemporary nature of our experience, the implications of perception and interpretation, the role of painting in contemporary art and the function of the production of images today. In my art practice, a synthesis process, the anecdote gradually disappears by overlapping levels of distance between the final and the initial motive, between the meaning of departure and the resulting representation. The cancellation of what is relevant is one of the tenets to my work, erasing significant clues in the image so that what prevails is the inherent tension and a certain inexplicable anxiety. - Artist Javier Arbizu

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"Chaos and Order No. I"

The source of “Chaos and Order” series, in which I discussed the notion of chaos and order in Western and Eastern art and its eclectic history of foreign influences and regional tradition, is based on journeys to the United States of America, India and Nepal. Travelling, as my main source of inspiration, is like touching mystery, exploring the unknown, and a key to understanding the contemporary world I look into phenomena that occur between the form and formlessness, order and chaos, tensions between the East and the West. During my journeys, I gathered raw material in the form of drawings, photographs and video recordings to be used in my digital prints and installations. These are, significant for me, vestiges of reality and of the past. I am constantly inspired by all the contradictions I have observed, by the chaos and unpredictable adventures which I experienced through meeting people from different cultures and through listening to their stories. Relationships with them were deepened by shared knowledge of our personal histories, cultures, philosophy, religions and life perspectives. My attention was caught most of all by traditional symbols related to primordial rites, believes and on the other hand by new symbols of pop-culture and massmedia. Redefining myself in international society was a valuable experience which had a defining role in my art formation. - Artist Monika Lukowska

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“Sarcophagus Scale”

"My work explores the building of devices and models as products of belief and understanding. I'm interested in why people build things and what motivates the mind to ingenuity. How do our fears of death affect what we believe? How does mental health affect the way we think? How is identity shaped between the physical and psychological being? These issues are explored through the application of, perhaps misguided, ingenuity and technology." - Artist Thomas Van Houten

"Eastern Block No. 11"

The "Eastern Block" paintings are a repetitive practice conceived as a negotiation with the traumas of the past. They investigate memory, trauma, and their simultaneous dissolution and reconstruction. By way of repeating the same motif of once ubiquitous brutalist architecture, I am externalizing a certain energy that embodies the memory, ideology, and feeling tone of growing up in communist Poland. The repetition becomes a ritualistic practice of purging and laying bare memory and objectifying trauma by giving it a face. In doing so I am highly conscious of these operations and remain critical of such a mode of representation. But it is this very engagement with such a reiterative practice which presents the possibility of a “reflective nostalgia. - Artist Michal Wisniowski


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March 10, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, March 10, 2014 — Rêverie Arts San Francisco announced today its representation of British artist James Rawson.

“It is a privilege for Rêverie Arts...

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March 3, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, March 3, 2014 — Rêverie Arts San Francisco announced today its appointment as the San Francisco Agent for the internationally acclaimed Beijing Artists,...

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February 3, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, February 3, 2014 — Rêverie Arts San Francisco is thrilled to announce the appointment of Ms. Andrea Suárez-Barlow as Senior Advisor, Fine Art Sales.

“As we began...

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January 21, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 21, 2014 — Rêverie Arts San Francisco announced today its representation of Los Angeles Artist Ron Reihel.  Reihel will participate in Rêverie...

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January 10, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 10, 2014 — Rêverie Arts San Francisco announced today its representation of Miami Beach Artist Erin Parish.  Parish will participate in Rêverie...

San Francisco Magazine
November 27, 2013

The Insider’s Guide to Out-of-the-Box Art

Lauren Murrow | Photo: Courtesy of Galleries | November 27, 2013


Eight more new (or newly revamped) galleries for laser-cut...

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November 15, 2013


SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 15, 2013 — Rêverie Arts San Francisco is elated to announce their acceptance to exhibit at SCOPE Miami Beach 2013 from December 3rd through the 8th...

Rêverie Arts press release
November 1, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 1, 2013 — Rêverie Arts San Francisco is announcing its exclusive representation of Artist Michal Wisniowski.  Michal will participate in Rêverie Arts’ National...

Rêverie Arts press release
October 21, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 21, 2013 — Rêverie Arts San Francisco and Artist Lin Evola announce the release of her latest and most evolved series “1962.” This series of...

Huffington Post Arts & Culture
October 21, 2013


Artist: Lin Evola
Managing Principal, Rêverie Arts Gallery: Derek Cabaniss
Photo credit: Reagan D. Pufall


Rêverie Arts press release
October 16, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 16, 2013 — Rêverie Arts San Francisco is announcing its exclusive representation of Photographer Tony Maridakis. Maridakis will participate in Rêverie Arts’...

Huffington Post Arts & Culture
October 12, 2013

Los Angeles
Cofounders: Billie Weiss and Lin Evola

The Angel of Peace Award is a highly esteemed peace award given in Los Angeles by the Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles to...

Rêverie Arts press release
October 2, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 2, 2013 — Rêverie Arts San Francisco is announcing its exclusive representation of Artist Thomas Van Houten. Van Houten will participate in Rêverie Arts’ National...

Rêverie Arts press release
September 16, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, September 16, 2013 — Rêverie Arts San Francisco announced today its exclusive representation of San Francisco Artist Monika Lukowska.  Monika will...

Huffington Post Arts & Culture
August 31, 2013

The Peace Angels Project is a work of Art. At its core it is a contemporary implementation of swords to plough shares. Using art, state of the art technology and media, the Peace Angels Project brings...

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August 16, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August 16, 2013 — Rêverie Arts San Francisco announced today its exclusive North American representation of San Francisco Artist Javier Arbizu. Javier will participate in...

Rêverie Arts press release
August 8, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August 8, 2013 — Rêverie Arts San Francisco announced today its partnership with the online retail giant, Amazon.com, Inc. (Amazon Art), to release a selection of...

Rêverie Arts press release
July 31, 2013

Rêverie Arts San Francisco is announcing their representation of Palm Springs Artist, Charlie Ciali. Charlie will participate in rêverie arts’ National Art Fair schedule as well as present a selection of...

Rêverie Arts press release
July 27, 2013

Artist Adrián Ssegura has been selected to participate in the prestigious Contemporary Art Fair ARTEANDO 2013 August 7 - 13, 2013 with Artist ...

23ABC News
June 14, 2013

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A renowned artist who’s sculptures have been exhibited worldwide is using nuclear missiles and street weapons to promote change.

The ‘Peace Angels’ are created as a symbol of...

Huffington Post
May 20, 2013

San Francisco

In 1969 I came to visit a place that would become my home. My whole generation fell in love with this city by the sea. We pushed every limit, made many mistakes, opened Pandora...

Rêverie Arts press release
May 14, 2013

Rêverie Arts is presenting the Peace Angels Project this week in San Francisco, including a series of sculptures and watercolors that promote global peace and sustainable weapons reduction through the...

National September 11 Memorial & Museum
May 14, 2013

In 2013, Lin Evola gifted the Renaissance Peace Angel to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.


“Lin Evola’s efforts to have that inspiring sculpture installed outside Nino’s...

New York Daily News
May 11, 2013

Hundreds of guns pulled from New York City streets will be melted down and crafted into a work of art that promotes peace.

The NYPD donated 946 weapons to artist Lin Evola, who will transform them...

Christian Science Monitor
May 7, 2013

In the days following the terror attacks of Sept. 11, the Peace Angel sculpture served as a symbol of hope while standing outside of Nino’s restaurant on Canal Street. Nino’s became a complimentary respite...

Rêverie Arts press release
May 7, 2013

Rêverie Arts San Francisco is announcing their representation of Artist Lin Evola at her preview exhibition at ArtPadSF May 16 – 19 in San Francisco, California. Through her globally recognized Peace Angels...

Rêverie Arts press release
May 6, 2013

Rêverie Arts San Francisco is announcing their representation of Adrian Ssegura and his U.S. Inaugural Exhibition “El Toro, El Hombre y La Plaza” at ArtPadSF May 16 – 19, 2013 at the Phoenix Hotel. The...

Huffington Post
April 2, 2013

"This is the End, My Friend." Jim Morrison - The Doors

"And, it is only the beginning. " Lin Evola - Peace Angels Project

Today, April 2, 2013, history was made at the United Nations General...

Assembly of Extremadura
February 4, 2013

Testamare opens on January 4, at 11:30 am in the Patio Noble Extremadura Parliament, the Vice President of the Camera, Consuelo Rodriguez Píriz, proceed to the opening of the exhibition of paintings by...

Huffington Post
August 21, 2012

The Arms Trade Treaty regards the following weapons as impacting the ebb and flow of war to peace on earth. Weapons included in the ATT are:
• Battle tanks
• Armored combat vehicles

Huffington Post
June 13, 2012

Today, June 13, 2012, ushers in the 100 Days of Peace and a Global Call to Disarm as we build toward the International Day of Peace on Sept. 21, 2012.

I am an artist with a vision to achieve a...

San Francisco Chronicle & SF Gate
January 22, 2012

If you've ever been a guest at a well-heeled event here in town - a gala night, a boutique opening-night party or a private anniversary dinner for 40 - chances are you've nibbled on foodstuffs by Taste...

Sala Croma
January 13, 2012

Four young painters who studied at the School of Seville (Generation 2003) are in Sala Croma (Caceres) to show their latest works through four different ways to understand the painting. Pictorical unions...

December 30, 2011

Photographer Morgan Miller became involved in a very interesting project this year.  He was retained to create a photograph that would depict the Renaissance Peace Angel sculpture that stood in New York...

The Daily Breeze
December 19, 2011

New York has its Statue of Liberty.

Will the Port of Los Angeles get a West Coast version in the form of a Peace Angel?

Transforming scrap metal that once killed and maimed into artistic...

November 9, 2011

While the city may be better known for sunny skies and traffic-clogged freeways, Los Angeles's underbelly is defined by its gun problem. Everyday, firearms kill about three people in Los Angeles County. So...

Christian Science Monitor
December 19, 2008

The artist Lin Evola-Smidt lives these days in Manhattan, but she is fond of saying that her sculpting career really began 3,000 miles and a world away. This was back in the early 1990s, when Los Angeles...

United Nations Press Release
September 11, 2008

Opening Remarks By Sergio Duarte High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Honoring Artist Lin Evola

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